Thursday, August 16, 2012

Who Will You Be On Aug. 25?

So you're in the GW2 character creation screen and one of the first things you have to do is pick a class. Hmmmm, what to choose? So many great options! Throw fireballs or shoot pistols? Have a pet shark or ghostie versions of yourself?
Here are some helpful links and vids to ease your choice. Or you can just be like me and make one of each! :D

The Official GW2 rundown on professions. Hear it from the source.

The forums chime in on what profession they're choosing and why. A long read, but what else are we gonna do while we wait for Headstart Day?

A big poll on what profession people are choosing. The result was kinda interesting and is another testament to Arena Net's ability to make great classes.

My favourite Brits, the Yogscast, have a series of videos on the classes. This is the Ranger one.

Happy Jacks video channel has a series about all the professions as well, and also has some interesting links to being a healthy gamer. WUT? We don't have to eat Doritos and drink Dr. Pepper all the time?. My world is shattered. :D

 Good luck in your decision-making! I hope to see you (and all your alts) in game soon.

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