Monday, June 30, 2014

I'm Alive and So Are You!

Hey, faithful readers! It's your not-so-faithful blogger, Spiral. I'm so sorry!! I've been absent for months, haven't I? My bad.
I've been super busy doing fun real-life things, and have been trying to squeeze in some time to enjoy the Festival of the Winds on GW2. I think that it's my fave festival, aside from Mad King/Hallowe'en.

I've leveled a few of my alts to 80, unlocked a metric-crap-tonne of skins, ran the baby dolyak race a bazillion times, bought the coolest Zephyrite stuff, and farmed keys until I can't stand to hear the NPCs one more FREAKING time. ("By all Six Gods, what is that thing!") I play with my music blaring so I don't have to listen to them.

I've made a point of going around to listen to all the NPCs in Labyrinthine Cliffs to find clues for the new content, Gates of Maguuma, on July 1. WAIT -- THAT'S TOMORROW! OMG!!! Super excited!

Here are the very few screens I've taken over the past six weeks or so.
I've got to work now. *grumble*
Have fun out there!

Me (on my thief,Agga) and my friend Grave on his Charr. So hilarious!

Grave showed me how to break INTO the Asura jail in Rata Sum. LOL!  :)

Agga preparing to dive into the bucket in Edge of the Mists. (She made it on the first try even!)

Majyst (on Carnelion) came back!
But it was only briefly. He disappeared again. *sniff sniff* Maj, I miss you!

Gave Spiral a makeover: new face, new eye color, new hair color.
The eyes and hair are very subtle changes but the face is taking some getting used to.