Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Happy Wintersday 2016!

I've been back playing GW2 since about Halloween. That's my favourite holiday in both real life and virtual life, so and I wanted to be sure I didn't miss any fun Mad King stuff!

Since then, I bought the Heart of Thorns expansion and I'm working my way through all the new living story. Got stuck for a looong time on the Mordremoth fight cuz I'm too stubborn to ask for help. :)

Guild Wars 2 is still such an absorbing game with so much to do! I get caught up with the obsession of doing the dailies, plus doing events, plus now that I have a precursor -- the Energizer that I got from a random dump of items into the Mystic Toilet on a daily quest -- I have been trying to focus a bit more on collecting what I need to complete it. I finally finished my Mawdrey as well. I still have to get all my masteries and maybe try out some fractals and finish all the new maps and collect all the hungry cats!

Anyway, I hope you're all having fun doing whatever you're doing, even if it's not in Tyria.
Happy Holidays from Spiral!

Tried to get a nice picture under this pretty tree but there was a teensy bit of snow!
I want a giant quaggan stuffie!!  :D