Wednesday, May 10, 2017

I Made The Moot!

I'm super excited to present my first -- and probably only -- legendary, The Moot!

Guild Wars 2 GW2 moot mystic forge toilet legendary
If you've made a legendary, you know how your heart pounds at this point!
Guild Wars 2 GW2 moot legendary black lion trading
Just curious, I looked to see how much it would be worth if I sold it.
I gave it to Flaxi Barnborn, my Norn Warrior, to try out.
But since it's The Moot, I had to change her clothes! HA HA!
So shiny!!
Flaxi just hanging out in fishnets, holding her legendary. :)
So the story goes that I got The Energizer precursor a while back, like months and months ago, when I was doing a daily that required you to put crap in the Mystic Toilet. I was shocked to get a precursor and debated selling it. Instead, I stuck it in the bank and left it.

Well, recently I've been playing more GW2. Okay, like a LOT more. 😊 So I decided I might as well start focusing on getting the mats needed to make The Moot.

Long story short, made it today and really love it ... but I hate mace skills! I gave it to Flaxi for now but will probably also use it more on my Guardian, Mouseskin. I guess the only other mace wielder is Revenant. I barely use my Rev but perhaps this will give me incentive.

Anyhoo, thought I'd come out of hiding to tell you all about this milestone event!
Here's a video from a funny guy about him making The Moot, and it shows the animations and footfalls. Have fun out there!