Friday, August 15, 2014

Loving the Dragon's Reach Living Story

I haven't had much time to play lately, but when I do play, it's to complete the Living Story. And I love it! Of course, it's still a bit cheesy in dialogue and the interactions between the members of Destiny's Orphans, but the fights are pretty awesome and epic. I won't give away any spoilers, although I'm sure all you hardcore GW2 fans out there have already done the whole story. :)

Spiral wearing Orchid cultural gear
I got Spiral all dressed up in her traditional Sylvari armor to go visit the Pale Tree. She looks fabulous, although I doubt these petals are good for fighting. I've got 90 transmutation charges sitting around, so I figured I'd change her clothes now and then to take advantage of them.

Down below is a pic I snapped near the end of Dragon's Reach Part 2. I had to adjust the brightness a bit afterwards. not sure why but my screenshots are all coming out very dark. And since my graphics card burnt up (*sob*), I haven't been playing on nice settings, so the world is quite as pretty as it was. Still gorgeous though. I'm constantly wide-mouthed in amazement at the beauty of Tyria!

I guess the game is taking a break from Living Story and gearing up for the September Feature Pack. Is anyone else irritated by that? I mean, not just that the LS is on hiatus, but that they're doing ANOTHER feature pack? To me, the game is fine as it is. All these changes to things just makes things complicated and has the potential to wreck your progress on things.

I'm not sure what I'm trying to say. Like, the wardrobe system "feature" wrecked the dye market, and made dye production in cooking a worthless investment. I'm sure there are other examples. I guess I just want things to stay the same so I can stop having to relearn everything and readjust to new systems of rewards and PvP and on and on. The game is FINE. Leave it alone!

Anyway, minor rant ended! Time for lunch and perhaps some more gaming. TTYL, friends! :)
Are they still called Destiny's Orphans? Hmmm, they've got to find a better guild name.
And maybe get some more male members? Poor Braham!