Wednesday, May 10, 2017

I Made The Moot!

I'm super excited to present my first -- and probably only -- legendary, The Moot!

Guild Wars 2 GW2 moot mystic forge toilet legendary
If you've made a legendary, you know how your heart pounds at this point!
Guild Wars 2 GW2 moot legendary black lion trading
Just curious, I looked to see how much it would be worth if I sold it.
I gave it to Flaxi Barnborn, my Norn Warrior, to try out.
But since it's The Moot, I had to change her clothes! HA HA!
So shiny!!
Flaxi just hanging out in fishnets, holding her legendary. :)
So the story goes that I got The Energizer precursor a while back, like months and months ago, when I was doing a daily that required you to put crap in the Mystic Toilet. I was shocked to get a precursor and debated selling it. Instead, I stuck it in the bank and left it.

Well, recently I've been playing more GW2. Okay, like a LOT more. 😊 So I decided I might as well start focusing on getting the mats needed to make The Moot.

Long story short, made it today and really love it ... but I hate mace skills! I gave it to Flaxi for now but will probably also use it more on my Guardian, Mouseskin. I guess the only other mace wielder is Revenant. I barely use my Rev but perhaps this will give me incentive.

Anyhoo, thought I'd come out of hiding to tell you all about this milestone event!
Here's a video from a funny guy about him making The Moot, and it shows the animations and footfalls. Have fun out there!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Happy Wintersday 2016!

I've been back playing GW2 since about Halloween. That's my favourite holiday in both real life and virtual life, so and I wanted to be sure I didn't miss any fun Mad King stuff!

Since then, I bought the Heart of Thorns expansion and I'm working my way through all the new living story. Got stuck for a looong time on the Mordremoth fight cuz I'm too stubborn to ask for help. :)

Guild Wars 2 is still such an absorbing game with so much to do! I get caught up with the obsession of doing the dailies, plus doing events, plus now that I have a precursor -- the Energizer that I got from a random dump of items into the Mystic Toilet on a daily quest -- I have been trying to focus a bit more on collecting what I need to complete it. I finally finished my Mawdrey as well. I still have to get all my masteries and maybe try out some fractals and finish all the new maps and collect all the hungry cats!

Anyway, I hope you're all having fun doing whatever you're doing, even if it's not in Tyria.
Happy Holidays from Spiral!

Tried to get a nice picture under this pretty tree but there was a teensy bit of snow!
I want a giant quaggan stuffie!!  :D

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Twitch Expansion Announcement - Heart of Thorns

For those of you that didn't get to watch the PAX South GW2 live stream on Twitch, here are my notes. I was going to make them all neat and coherent, but screw that. I've got gaming to do!
Spiral OUT!

Jennifer Hale awkward hype build
audience -- cosplay girl & people with commander tags
polite nerds listening so attentively

who were the bloggers at the beginning?
Super fast chat... spammers, !key?? eventually just tuned out chat

Mike's smile as he announced Maguuma Jungle Expansion
Mike O'Brien of ArenaNet
"in it together" where you're "always happy to see another player"

"the journey is the reward"

Expansion is typically: New gear, new level,

Mike understands new gear invalidates old gear, leaving behind a "wasteland of old content", same with new level cap.

"I think you need new challenges." -- Mike

72,000 watchers on Twitch

--in jungle, master skills and abilities that you need to succeed in the jungle.
Vertical environment.
(was hoping Mike would fly off the stage on cables)

new professional specializations
customize your existing professions
new guild support and progression

"HoT is our new vision for character progression in GW2." - Mike

Colin is so adorbs and awkward and his goofy grin
Colin Johanson
[ME: My face hurts from smiling. I love my game. I love my "people".]

The Heart of Maguuma -- name of new area

3 biomes - core (floor), roots (under), canopy (high)

audience never knew when to cheer
friendliest gaming community is actually quite shy  :)

MASTERIES - account-based pve
available to level 80s
complete content to get mastery points
points spent on abilities on any character
"no-grind philosophy" (clapping)

--exploration mastery - climbing... don't fall!... get to highest point... "What do we do?" Crowd yells: JUMP!! (Laughter) "then the epic journey to meet the ground and splat", then swarm of rezzers come out of nowhere. (laughter) ... but now... mastery points to hang-glide!!

--lore mastery -- understand languages and will access secret locations (applause)

--combat mastery -- sketchy details about this

--collecting, crafting, building mastery -- "legendary weapon is the ultimate version", what is hardest to get? -- Crowd: "Precursor!!" Mastery will allow you to build collections to send you on journeys, once completed, will give you precursor weapon! (much applause), PLUS new legendaries!

-- skills & traits - specializations system allows each proffesional to master a new specialization (UGH lost stream)
--> "rich druidic history" RANGERS will be able to grow themselves to become a DRUID. use staff, could never use before. access to new heal skill, new elite, new utility skills, new professional mechanics
--> necromancers with greatsword (laughter) causing much debate... why was Marjory learning? Necro specialization means they can use greatswords. (won't say more!)

LAUNCH DATE -- awww... he won't tell... "When it's ready." infamous GW2 quote

omg omg omg
Rytlock!!! is one
"ability to channel and control the powers of the Mists"
channels power of great legends from the past
--king jalis ironhammer, great dwarf, his powers will be available
--demon malix, power of conditions

PVP - "it's time for me to go kill another person" (Laughter)
WvW -- "inside an RTS game" (what is RTS?), new WvW Borderland map! each keep has distinct theme and defending and controlling keep will give you special abilities and features, eg. fire keep will make magma pools for fast travel... holding objectives rather than just taking them will be a bigger component of WvW

PvP - "STRONGHOLD" game mode, fight for control of supply, spend supply to hire troops, you and troops assault enemies, kill Guild Lord to win, can win over heroes to help you,

guild teams and competition

GUILD HALLS!! (amazing cheers, extended!!) - only sketches to show us

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Point of No Return

I just finished the Living Story, Point of No Return.

EPIC. Epic epic epic!

I don't want to give anything away, so I'm going to the forums to barf praise on ANet! (Here's my my reply to the common feedback thread.)

If you haven't done it yet, go now!

Are you still here?
Get going! Go! Naow!

New Eyes, New Hair, New Adventures

Happy Release Day! I haven't gone into the game yet but I'm excited about No Turning Back. It was a bit of a cliffhanger, wasn't it? The sealed door...the sassy dwarf... And where is that goonberry, Caithe? Is she making a giant omelette with Glint's egg? I'll be finding out later today when I have time to immerse myself in this next chapter of the Living Story.

Thanks to Dulfy for posting up the new hair and eye colors so quickly. Love them!

New eye colours in Total Makeover Kits

New hair colours in Total Makeover Kits
Dulfy is also reporting that HEART OF THORNS has been trademarked by Guild Wars 2. Sounds like the name of an expansion to me!
People are commenting that they don't want a paid expansion, but I wouldn't mind shelling out some bucks to ANet for new content, and to show them how much I enjoy their game. I'm dirt poor but considering the number of hours I've put into the game, I think they deserve a bit of cash.

However, I did post a bit of a rant on the forums regarding this New Player Experience. I didn't even know that was a term until I started browsing the forums looking for a place to vent.
I was farming Black Lion keys to try to get enough scraps for a Wintersday skin -- and failed to get them, btw, but that's fine -- and therefore I was rolling new toons and revisiting the low zones and personal story. NOT impressed with the changes. Not impressed at all.

My conclusion: ANet suffers from low self esteem.
My solution: ANet should suck it up and realize they can't please everyone and stop trying to change. As my Mumsy always says, or rather sings: Be Yourself!