Sunday, November 9, 2014

Echoes of the Past is AMAZEBALLS

I've only logged into GW2 twice in the past few months. Once to check out Halloween stuff, and yesterday to check out the new Living Story, Echoes of the Past.

Man, was I impressed! I did all of the new chapter in two sittings and gobbled it up. The writing was better than previous stories, the emotions were heightened, there was abundant lore (omg the library!), and Glint's lair was absolutely breathtaking.

If you haven't been playing Guild Wars 2 much lately, I urge you to log back in and experience this great chapter. I almost want to play it again!

I dyed my Ancestral Outfit for Halloween.
I wanted to buy the kitty mini, but alas, no gold.
The Hexed Outfit is fantastic!
Wish I could have bought it as well.
I almost died because I kept looking around with my mouth open! I looked over the edges and up at the sky and admired my distorted reflection in the crystals. Amazing job, Artists of ANet. Standing ovation!