Thursday, August 23, 2012

Damn Fine Fashion

I came across this amazing video on The Tubes of You today. It's a 10 minute show of all of the female cultural armor sets for all races, set to the glorious music of Jeremy Soule. They have a link there for the male armor sets as well.

I loved so many things about every racial set. The way the Sylvari's armor was made entirely of leaves and sticks and bark was just astounding. The little Asurans got helmets to protect their floppy soft ears. The Charr's armor was practical and insanely fierce. The Norns get to wear g-strings that were mostly under their savage gear. And a few of the humans' outfits were...well, you could say slutty or you could say super HAWT! I'll have to see if the guys get the same sexist treatment when I watch their vid next! Would love to see some tight pants and exposed abs. ;)

Maybe it was the soundtrack tugging at my heart strings, but this video made me love GW2 even more. I mean, the clothes are amazing. Freaking gorgeous! And they're unique and stylized and bizarre and complex and functional and sexy and race-appropriate and just beautiful. Big high fives and headbutts to the costume designers of the ANet team!

I've started a group Photobucket page for Vanity pictures of your GW2 outfits. Right now, it's just Spiral's human beta pics, but feel free to add your own! I think I've set up the permissions correctly so anyone can add, but send me a message or a comment here if it's not working.

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