Monday, August 20, 2012

Making a Name for Yourself

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This cartoon about launch day naming frustrations was up on GW2 Guru today. I thought it was moderately funny but also kinda jitters-inducing. I have the intense desire to go log into GW1 again just to be sure my names are reserved. I'm still twitching about it, actually! Bit of OCD coming through here.
One of the commenters on that Guru post suggested to people to use The Hall of Monuments Reward Calculator to check if a name has been taken already. Smart! Of course, remember that in GW1, you had to have two names. That is how Spiral ended up with the last name Madheart actually. I was forced into it! But I am grateful because now she is distinguisable from other Spirals out there. Well, besides her distinctive purple hair, her saucy yet demure attitude, and her peculiar ability to be exactly where she shouldn't be any particular moment. :)
I decided a while back not to attempt to catch the one-word name of Spiral. I will be attempting for others though, but I'm not so dim as to post them up here!  :)

I was chatting with my 11-year-old nephew this weekend about how to name characters in online games. He was frustrated because he recently joined a game and "his" name was taken, and all he could think to do was add numbers after it to make it unique.
So we brainstormed together, mixing and matching names from his favourite books and movies, colours he loves, places he's been, and animals he thinks are cool. It was fun to observe him weaving an alternate identity for himself. We compared it to naming their puppy: you just "know" the right name when you say it. It fits. It feels right.
His mother (my sister) just shook her head at us. She doesn't "get" gamers. But as long as her kid doesn't give out his real name, her mom-radar is a mostly appeased. She appreciates that her son has a quote-unquote "adult" to turn to for gaming chit-chat and advice. I'm happy to have something in common with my nephew that makes it infinitely easier to connectwith him. Gosh, if he was into sports, I'd be lost!

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