Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Brief Escape to Tyria

Today was a super busy day at work, UGH, and so I only had 15 minutes to log into GW2 for the stress test just before it closed at 7pm EST. I quickly scanned my available characters and where they were left after BWE3, and chose Vixyn because she was in the most beautiful zone, Caledon Forest. I needed some calm after my workday, and Caledon Forest is just the place.
Caledon Forest
I wandered around just listening to NPCs and absorbing the peaceful atmosphere. Birds chirped and fluttered, waterfalls burbled, sparkflies buzzed, Sylvari laughed. I wanted to lie down in the soft grass and just take deep breaths until my tension melted away. I walked into The Grove and swam in the deep, tanquil pools on the lower level, dodging the pouting salmon. I gazed up and up and up at the Pale Tree standing guard over her saplings.
Leanuit, a heartbroken Sylvari

I came upon a Warden and while admiring her complex leafy armor, a citizen came up and spoke.
Citizen: I brought you some leftover cinnamon bread. I felt your hunger.
Warden: What a senstive fern you are! I hope you have an interesting day.

Next I spoke with a lovely Sylvari named Leanuit. After some reluctance, she told me the story of a man who seduced her and betrayed her. He used her to gain access to the newborn sylvaris, then knocked her unconscious and fled with one of the saplings.
I wish I had had more time to discover where that story led, but sadly the server disconnected and I was shoved brusquely back into my own world.

I think I may go outside and absorb some real-world Caledon Forest in my backyard. :)

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