Tuesday, August 28, 2012

/em hugs her entire guild!

Cuge, Spiral & Dezi found each other in The Grove
and had a mad dance party!
I love my guild. I love my friends. I love the fact that I can spend endless hours with these amazing people I've never met face-to-face and they can make me laugh until it hurts. My cheeks ache with all the smiling I've been doing over the past few days since Headstart.

Here are some great things my guildies said and did lately.

Modra: the super-leveling machine made our first silver and sent it to Dezi right away so we could get our guild started!

Dezi: researched and queued everything up so our guild can get a bank as soon as possible. Also wrote hilarious guild MOTD, "Have fun, be friendly and wear a condom!"

Hartak: When seeing the crowds of people in the starting zones, "Get out of our game, people!"

Dezi, Spiral & Majyst together again!
Maj shows up wearing (no joke) Humiliation Pink.
Majyst: (with mild curiousity) "I think he's got a bomb". (pause) BOOM! (bodies flying everywhere!) "Good thing we don't work for the FBI."

Warmad & Pol: upon discovering that Armorsmiths can make boxes, made a bunch for everyone! Bag space FTW. :)

Modra: "What do I do with Soft Wood?"
Spiral: "Make it hard!"

Hartak: "That just happened."
Tab: (deadpan) "I can't believe I was there."
I love that my Rift guildies and my RoM guildies are getting along so famously!

Ejov: (whisper) "Is this Spiral from RoM?"
Me: OMG EJOV!!!!
Can't convey how happy I am that my friend has found me! Welcome to the guild, Ejov.

KB: "Mystic coin...woot?"
Me: "Woot!"
KB: "Woot! :D"

Everyone: sharing materials and weapons and armor and treasure and information. Our guild chat was full of "Who needs _____?" Mail flew back and forth like hungry seagulls--when it wasn't bugged.
Dezi: "I'm dead."
Spiral: "I'll save you! Oh. I'm dead."
Cuge: "I'll save you both! Oh. I'm dead too."
Majyst: "Let me show you how it's done. Oh."
There are too many epic moments to list them all here. Suffice to say, I'm grateful and overjoyed that I have such a fabulous guild, full of generous, kind, funny, smart, gutter-minded people!
Love live The Clan of the Lost Minds! 

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