Monday, August 27, 2012

Quick Tips for GW2 Noobs

This is just one of the pages of
scribbled notes I have from headstart!
Once again, a short blog post cuz I wanna get in game! I have sooooo many screens and anecdotes to share with you but you'll have to wait until I can tear myself away from playing to sort through them all.

So in the meantime, here are some helpful tips:
 - to split a stack, hold down Alt and drag to an empty backpack spot
- to synchro-dance with another player of the same race, stand near each other, type /dance * (slash dance space asterisk), and press enter at the same time
- on your Friends screen (shortcut Y) you can right click and create a nickname for each person
- to draw on the map for party members, hold shift and left-click
- to ping the map for party members, use right-click
- you can link a POI (point of interest) in chat by opening your large map (M) and shift-left-click
- can't find a bank? Use your crafting station to access your bank and collections
- make good use of the custom keybinds! I bound Ctrl-M to open my mail, switched autorun to Numlock and R to reply to whispers, made Z my weapon set switch, and C my about-face
- use karma instead of gold to buy salvaging kits from certain vendors (hard to find, but they are out there!)
- custom emotes are /em, eg. "/em does a jig" will display in chat "Spiral Madheart does a jig."
- if some of your group are in overflow, right click their portrait and choose "Join In"

And some reminders:
- material nodes are available for all, so even if you see someone gathering, you can still take from that point
- same goes for loot: if a body sparkles, it's yours and only yours
- everything is cross-server, your toon names, your guilds, your guild chat
- you can have two crafting skills at a time, however you can switch to another and you won't lose your learned levels and can go back to it for a fee
- all heart quests NPCs are also vendors of karma stuff

Gotta run to Future Shop to get a new mouse. I busted yet another one. I'm either buying cheap-ass mice or just have an OP index finger! :D

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