Thursday, August 9, 2012

30 Minutes in GW2... better than 300 minutes in any other MMO! I had only a half hour to jump into the Guild Wars 2 stress test today but it was jam-packed with fun and adventure!
Agga Gemseeker, my Asuran, taking on bandits with her shotgun!
Of course, I spent a few minutes checking the Sylvari character creation to see if there were any changes. Not much to report, except it seems they've taken my feedback (and others too, I'm sure) and moved the body colour to the body tab, but they've neglected to remove it from the face tab. Bit confusing but I put in more feedback and hopefully it'll get fixed up.

I hopped onto my Asuran to wander around the human starting zone, Queensdale. I took a few steps down the hill and onto this bridge when I noticed two bandits kneeling in the middle of the span. I stopped to watch. A few seconds later, two barricades sprang up and a dynamic event (aka "quest") started right in front of me. Bandits started pouring in from everyone! Chaos and madness and laughter and fighting and teamwork and flame bolts and bullet spray and healing ensued! We took back our bridge and protected our land from the filthy bandits! Woot!

A few more steps down the road -- okay more than a few, she's an Asuran and has itty bitty legs! -- I heard a woman crying for help. I raced over to a windmill and those dasterdly bandits were there raping and pillaging. More dodging and leaping and rolling and strafing and firing of high-powered weapons ensued! I got a new skill that literally throws poor little Agga off her feet!
Of course, we saved the windmill and the lovely woman ran around saying, "Thank goodness you showed up!" So sweet (if a bit repetitive).

Dezi was in the game briefly with me as well and we had a quick chat, mostly about how awesome this game is and how we're soooooo (many Os) excited about the release date coming up. As I was logging out, I said quickly in guild chat, "Gotta run!" I smiled as this message popped up: "No one hears you." I checked the guild screen and found out that Dezi had logged out, probably while I was busy peppering bandits with buckshot. Kinda funny that they let you know when you're talking to yourself!

A few more weeks and we're in to Tyria forever and ever. Totally pumped!

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