Friday, August 24, 2012

Adapt or Die

Found this great Youtuber, SCChirp, who has created some stunning and informative videos on the basics of Guild Wars 2. Figured I should post it up here so folks have something to watch while we wait for launch.
I love his motto: "GW2 is different. Learn to adapt." I've been saying basically the same thing since I started learning about how unique GW2 is compared to other MMOs. When my friends and guildies have asked me about Guild Wars 2, I've been replying, "It's different" with various intonations indicating my pleasure or frustration at the current moment!

Different is not necessarily bad. Sure, it's been hard to feel like a noob again: learning new game mechanics, practicing my strafing, and dodging off cliffs. But the more I've played, the better it's gotten. In yesterday's stress test, I could take a brief -- very brief -- moment during combat to appreciate my skills and notice how the players are interacting with each other. Now that I'm a bit more experienced, I can revel in my awesome spell effects and contemplate more strategic moves , rather than just button-mashing and clenching my teeth and hoping I'm still standing when the smoke clears.

I have an abundance of admiration for the passion, dedication, and creativity of the Guild Wars 2 team. They've put their hearts and souls into this game. I know that GW2 will impress more gamers than it will disappoint.

In less than 24 hours I will be button-mashing "PLAY" with focused determination, holding my breath for that moment when the servers go live. Anticipation is half the fun, they say. Pffft. Playing is ALL the fun. I'll see you soon, Tyria!

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