Thursday, August 30, 2012

Majyst Was Hacked!

I'm not kidding. Only a week after we began playing and someone hacked his account, and others in the guild have reported getting emails saying that someone is trying to change their password! I can't believe it!
Also, yesterday we saw our first in-game gold spammer. I told everyone on the map how to report him. (Right click their name in chat, easy!)
Here is a short GW2 article on protecting your account. They have a link to a little cartoon that shows how to make a strong password.
The password reset feature is not available right now. I'm assuming that's because the GW2 team is working on making it secure. As soon as it's up, I'm going to change my password to something stronger than a drunken Norn!
Stay safe, Tyrians!


  1. Ohh god, that's horrible, i feel so bad for Majyst. Id hate to be without GWs so soon..
    Ohh wait, Im Majyst, this sucks, i think im losing my mind...must play, give me back my account you rotten fithy sons *&^^&$^%^%(**()(

    1. Maj! Even when getting kicked in the seedpods, you're still funny! Can't wait for your return. *hugs*