Sunday, July 8, 2012

I Has a Bunny

I brought you this rabbit.
I was browsing through my GW2 screenshots this morni...afternoon (heh heh, it's Sunday, I'm allowed to nap the day away) and came across this pic. This is one of the very first quests that you can do near the human starting zone. It's not a heart quest, it's just some farmer guy who calls you over and asks you to round up the rabbits that escaped and are now eating his watermelons. Sure enough, out in the field, scores of the giant fuzzy mofos are scarfing back on delicious melons.
What's neat about this quest is it's a small, simple example of how what you do in Tyria affects the world around you. I gathered up the bad bunnies and put them in the hutch. Immediately after I completed my task, the farmer's daughter gave me a surprisingly experienced open-mouth kiss and...well, no she didn't, that's a lie, but how can you type "farmer's daughter" and not think that that's where the story's going? Anyway...the farmer's daughter ran to the nearby shop stall and set up a display of watermelon slices for sale and started hawking her wares. The watermelons. The watermelons are her wares. Geez, poor girl can't even sell melons without someone snickering from the peanut gallery.
So you see, I collect rabbits, watermelons get harvested, girl sells watermelons, people buy watermelons, and summer picnics everywhere are complete again! Ah, questing with consequences. Love it!

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