Monday, July 16, 2012

ArenaNet Is Spying on My Life

Okay so I just read the latest ANet blog post about the new stuff in the final BWE. Started with, yay, create a Sylvari! Woot, create an Asura! Then, wow, new zone, so pretty! Followed by holy freaking awesome Keg game for the Norns!
The fifth new thing they mentioned made me kinda stop and look around for hidden cameras in my home. It's all about vistas. Here's their video.

So you're like, "Big deal. So what? It's freaking beautiful and jaw-dropping and all, but why do you think you're on your own private Truman Show?"
Well, let me tell you! For years now, YEARS, as I've been traveling around the really-real world, I would exclaim with joy and amazement the single word, "VISTA!", when encountering a panoramic viewpoint. Honestly, my ex-bf and I used to do this in the car as we'd be driving along exploring the far corners of The Earth. When we had others in with us, they'd startle at our simultaneous shouts as we crested a hill or rounded a bend.
I think it's kinda of hilarious, serendipitous and good-karma-inducing that GW2 is going to have VISTAS! for me to explore. I'm totally grinning in anticipation right now. It's like they've read my mind and are designing a game solely to delight me. Thanks, Anet. I heart you too!

On a more serious note: 
"Before this final Beta Weekend Event (and before Guild Wars 2 launches on August 28) we’ll delete all existing beta information. Every beta character and all information or items associated with them will be deleted."

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