Saturday, July 21, 2012

Beta Weekend Sylvari Screens

As has been customary for this blog during a beta weekend, I am starting with some quick screenshots, as I don't want to waste too much time outside of Tyria.
The sylvari are a gorgeous race living in a utopian jungle. Love them! I could have spent days in the character creation screen. Well done, artists of Anet!
Caffeina, my sylvari necro
Dyed pink, in a talk-scene

Caffeina's townclothes, dyed orange. So beautiful!
I wanted to take a picture of the male sylvari's townclothes but we decided
that they were gawd-awful. I said to Majyst, "It looks like your rolled in honey and
fell in a leaf pile!"

Leafy Land. Funny how the actual name escapes me right now. The whole night we kept making jokes
about leafy people and leafy dogs and leafy butts, so it just stuck. 

Naked sylvari!
Modra said about the male, "It looks like he took a poop in the woods, wiped his butt and it got stuck!"
And here I was thinking the male butt-leaf was kinda cute. He wrecked it for me.  LOL
And yes, that is a mushroom head. And yes, it is very phallic. ;)

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