Thursday, July 19, 2012

Gems in BWE3? No thanks!

Okay so there's this kinda confusing post by ANet about buying gems during the beta weekend that starts tomorrow. I read through it a few times before I figured it out. I will sum up for you, faithful readers!

1. The gem store will be live during the weekend, meaning you can purchase gems with your credit card or Paypal.
2. You can buy stuff with your gems during the beta weekend.
3. That stuff you bought will disappear before launch.
4. The total amount of gems you bought with your credit card or Paypal will be re-credited to your real account when the game is launched.

Make sense? No, I didn't think so!
Okay, so let's say I use Paypal to buy 2,000 gems. I buy a bunch of dye packs and some transmuter stones and a pirate hat. I use them on my toon all beta weekend. I only have 800 gems left on my account at the end of beta weekend. Before launch, all data gets wiped, my toon, my inventory, my stuff, everything. On launch day, I log in and my account now has 2,000 gems again! Yay!

I guess the point of this is for the game devs to test the gem system before launch, and to give us players the chance to "buy and try" a variety of items that we may or may not want to buy once the game launches.
Personally, I'm gonna wait. I don't think I will be spending much real money on the game anyway. I like free stuff and GW2 is set up so that Gem Store items are cosmetic only. You can't be better at the game using cash, just prettier.

One final note: dyes will now be auctionable on the Black Lion Trading Post. Yippee!

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