Sunday, July 22, 2012

Misc. Tidbits from BWE3

Little screens and comments from the ongoing BWE3. Having too much fun to blog longer right now. Must get back in Tyria before it disappears for another month.
Dogmatichades took us to see the Arena! So cute. He jumped in there like the mad-fun Asuran he is, while Dezi and I watched. I don't know what this arena is actually for. It didn't do anything or have any clickable NPCs. Guess we'll find out later. 

I love Hoelbrak. Can't stop taking pictures of the place.

Found a guide! She was actually very helpful and put a Personal Waypoint marker on my map so could find my way to the Asuran Gate to L.A.

Dogmatichades was impressed that the Sylvari Grove actually held the Ventari's Tablet AND you could read them. I found the laws to be quite inspiring and wise. I'm falling in love with the Sylvari. 

Dobby journeys to Divinity's Reach!  :)

Um, Did I do all that? RAWR!!

Mousekin teaching cubs what it is to be a fierce Charr Guardian

Found the Norn Cultural Armor vendor in Hoelbrak.
The gear was all over level 35 and cost at least 1 gold.
You can now preview gear by right-clicking.
This is the wolf mask, as if Norn aren't ferocious enough!

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