Thursday, July 12, 2012

Is All of GW2 Endgame?

A guildmate from Rift asked me about endgame content in Guild Wars 2. I was a bit stumped on what to tell him. I hadn't really considered the so-called "endgame", which as far as I can tell is what you do once you hit level cap. In my experience, that part of the game is kinda boring, to be honest! You end up going into the same instanced dungeon over and over, trying for a rare drop of some item that you want, and that you have to roll on against the other four or five people in your party to get. For me, endgame was the grind, and the leveling before that was the fun part.
But for others, endgame and raiding is the icing on the cake. They view the questing process up to level cap as the treadmill where all the rewards have negligible long-term value. I can kinda see their point. I mean, why work so hard to get a piece of rare gear at level 48 when at level 50 it's going to be useless? Why not just power level to the top and then start to REALLY play the game?
Gor me, that's not the way, and perhaps that's why I was stumbling to describe endgame to my Rift guildie. I'm excited about everything before that: leveling, exploring, crafting, more exploring, alts, dungeons, dynamic events, learning new skills, and anything else ANet decides to throw at me. :)

A quick Google of "GW2 endgame" brought up many forum discussions regarding this topic. There are mixed reviews of the proposed structure of GW2's endgame. GW2 devs themselves have been quoted as saying: "the whole game is endgame". I suppose with the dynamic events going on all the time, plus the sidekicking up & down, you could say that all of Tyria is one big instance raid.

Here's a video of a guy offering his answer to the common concern of many gamers considering buying Guild Wars 2: does the game have any PvE endgame content? Have a watch...even if it's just to see the amazing GW2 footage!

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