Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My World is Gone!

Just when I thought Anet liked me, they deleted my world! Yes, as of BWE3, Port Sledge server is no more. (sob!) Their blog posts says they are condensing worlds so that they are more populated and therefore more fun. We'll see if more fun = more lag.

Here is the list of North American servers for BWE3 this weekend:

Anvil Rock
Borlis Pass
Crystal Desert
Ehmry Bay
Fort Aspenwood
Gate of Madness
Henge of Denravi
Isle of Janthir
Jade Quarry
Sanctum of Rall
Sea of Sorrows
Sorrow’s Furnace
Stormbluff Isle
Tarnished Coast
Yak’s Bend

I'll let you know where I end up. Who knows? It may not even be the same for release. It'll be nice when this all settles down though.

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