Thursday, June 28, 2012

Guild Wars 2 Launch Date Official

It's official. The Guild Wars 2 launch date is AUGUST 28th, 2012!

I logged on to my computer this morning and loaded up my iGoogle home page. Being only half awake, I blearily glanced over the titles on my Reader and then clicked off to ... WAIT!!! What was that??? I frantically spammed the back button. Launch date?? OMGOMGOMG.
Yeah, it was true. This is not a dream. I am awake and I have the pinch marks to prove it.

Just yesterday in the Beta Stress Test, my friend and I were commenting that we didnt' think the game would release until fourth quarter, so after Oct 31. Am I soooo happy we were wrong!

We get one more Beta Weekend, July 20-22, then I'm assuming the 3-day headstart for pre-purchasers starts August 25. Wow, my smile is hurting my face!


  1. Ohh Fine, ya'll win. I pre-ordered GW2.
    I had better be awesome :)


    1. haha! You are always awesome Maj, but I'm pretty sure the game is going to be awesome too. You should get along nicely.