Thursday, June 14, 2012

It's Better with Bovines

I'm a sexy beast!
I'm getting the feeling that someone on the GW2 team has an obsession with cattle. No judging, of course. To each his/her own. What happens on the farm, stays on the farm. ;)

I already posted about the sexy bovine buttocks near Divinity's Reach. Well, during the BWE2 I came across a ranch outside of Black Citadel that had an interesting quest. You had to (got to?) dress up in a cow costume and help teach the cows to do their cow-y things, like gouging with horns, taunting with moos, and charging at enemies. It was actually total silly fun!

Then afterwards there was a cow race, with spectators cheering on their favorites. "Go Miss Moo! Don't let me down!" I didn't stick around to see if you could place bets on your fave farm animal, but I think that would be a neat feature.

Notice the text says, "her long cow eyelashes"?
Hmmm, sounds a bit flirty. 
On the other side of the ranch, the heart quest was to help out the ranchers, including cheering up lonely heifers. I sat down next to this one, and she became happy. The next one was distinguished or disdainful or something, so I bowed to her and she liked that.
There were a few stinky cows, but I couldn't figure out what needed to be done to help them as there was no Mane 'n Tail in sight. And one cow was depressed and it said she needed "something", but I couldn't tell what. I was tempted to pick up a cattle prod and "encourage" a nearby bull to come on over, but then I got distracted by other events. :D

This set of quests is a great example one of the unique features of GW2. When you go to a heart quest, you don't have to just do one thing. You can kill bandits, catch bugs, defuse bombs, light torches, catch rabbits, water crops...all sorts of things! It's really fantastic to be able to choose what you want your quest to be about. Haven't you all been in another MMO where you are forced to complete a quest the way "they" want you to? I mean, you HAVE to kill 10 dudes, you HAVE to collect 12 Boringweeds. This way, each player has a choice to do the kind of quests they like. Maybe you're not feeling so bloodthirsty today? That's fine. Go ahead and plug leaks in the dam. It's all about helping the quest giver. Pretty freaking cool.

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