Monday, June 11, 2012

Sad Face :(

At 3 am EST last night, my world went silent. Awwwwww.
But I went out with a final flurry of activity! It was a lot of fun and I have many, many screens to share. You ready?  :)

OMG I found these little guys underwater. They are so squeeeeee! Their name, Quaggans, doesn't portray how adorable they are. 

We had some giggles using up all our potions. I'm the lizard, Dezi is the pink flamingo (moa) and Dogmatichades is the Jackalope!
The event finale was supposed to start at 2:20 am EST but was a bit late. Someone tossed down a few Boxes o' Fun and a crowd gathered to play around and stare at each other. That's Dog, the most gigantic Norn you'll ever see!
Dog & I having a breath fight! I think he won. My little Fire Puke couldn't keep up with his Frosty Norn Barf of Doom.

So the finale event starts and the crowd rushes to kill a boss. The fight looked something like this. Yeah, heavy lag. Dezi stood in a corner, poor thing, cuz her computer can't handle this stuff.
Dezi and I were corrupted by the Krack Whore, or something. We got turned to the Dark Side and had to fight against our friends. We had no complaints! RAWR!!
This is Spiral as a Krack Whore next to some purple pretty I was supposed to defend. 
There was also an amazing dragon flying in and out of the dark clouds in the sky, which was totally wicked cool. I didn't get a screen of it but there is one here on Guild Wars Insider. Apparently Rytlock showed up as well, but I was too busy having fun ganking my friends to care about that. 
I thought it was a neat idea to have a Grand Finale to the weekend even though the lag was atrocious. It was certainly memorable! 

At 3 AM, one by one we were kicked from our world and left in a bit of shocked silence on RaidCall. But only for a moment! Then we started brainstorming for guild names for the release.
Which do you like better: Contemplators of the Bush or Refugee Farmers? :D

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