Sunday, June 10, 2012

GW2 + Free Wine * Friends = FUN

So things may have gotten a little out of hand last night in GW2. Here are some screens and some comments. Enjoy!

Spent my gems on dyes! I have 116 now, out of 254 total available (I think). Click on the Photobucket Vanity Pix link on the right to see this costume in many colours.
BTW, I crafted those pants! Pretty darn fancy, eh?

Dezi (Hadasha Stonecarver) was so excited when she clicked the Box o' Fun and became an Ooze!!!

More Box o' Fun shenanagins. That's Dezi (Hadasha), Norn Thief, grown to a giant, and me down at the bottom shrunk to tinyness! Plus there's an NPC for scale. Too fun!

Dezi & I were goofing off a lot last night. Now she's a pig!

Perhaps I should have been paying attention to the super-intense fight going on around me, but I was trying to get a screen of Dezi as Hedwig!
That's Dogmatichades (Static Fyre) on the left, and Pol (Lilyth Ironwatcher) on the bottom right. You can see Pol's wicked conjured blue sword flying in the air.

So maybe I had a little bit too much wine last night. I took a lot of screens of cow butts, but it was because I was fascinated by their roundness! Seriously, normal cows don't have butts like Beyonce, do they?? What kinky artist drew these cows?? So funny! Reminded me of the bootylicious rhinos in RoM.

At this point, things are really getting out of hand. This is Dogmatichades (as Static Fyre) contemplating a bush. Yep, we do have dirty minds.

This is Refugee Farmer. We had a lot of fun with him. Look at his stance! Look at his balding head! OMG, we laughed so hard at this guy.
Pol says, "How do you farm refugees?" Someone else said he looks like he has a cat in his pants!
Yeah, quite a bit of laughing at the expense of this NPC!!  :D
And the final quote of the day, courtesy of yours truly: "Make lava, not war."
Spoken as a true Pyromancer!

I have so many more screens to put up but I want to get back in game. I promise I will post more about our adventures, opinions, and discoveries later!

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  1. This video will show cow butts. They actually are large. Well, this sample is.