Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Beta Input is Actually Being Used

Wow. Can A-Net get any more awesome? (Maybe that's what the A should be for, instead of Arena?)

Check out their latest blog post about the game changes they've made for the upcoming Beta Weekend, and really for the game overall. I guess I was cynical about the whole "testing" idea of beta. My previous experience in beta testing has been that the game is pretty much set when you go into beta, and the devs are just looking for programming bugs, not aesthetics or playability tweaks.
But A-Net is changing a whole bunch of stuff because of feedback, aka complaints, from the beta players. I mean they revamped the skill tiers, the UI, the map, the local chat, the gem store, keybindings, and overflow servers.
They've also doubled the number of servers they have, which is probably both exciting and overwhelming for them! Can you imagine the devs feeling so prepared for an onslaught of players on launch day...and then realizing they need DOUBLE the amount of servers? I mean, they must have been open-jawed with amazement. It's good to be cautiously optimistic about your game, but the sheer number of players logging in must have blown their minds...in a good way! I am visualizing a bunch of nerds high-fiving each other in some darkened room with monitors all over, like the war rooms you see in the movies. I'm sure it's not like that! :D
They've also added more World versus World, (WvW), which I haven't even tried yet, and a new Mystical Forge thinga-ma-jobbie in Lion's Arch that I have to go play with! It sounds like you dump in your grey items or spare gear and get back a Kinder Egg Surprise! (I jest.)
And they're giving us more free gems to go shopping too and I'm gonna buy that Box o' Fun they mentioned. Gosh, I'm just a big kid, aren't I? So non-focused and silly. They are other players racing to max their toons and get gear and see the whole world, and here I am buying goofy vanity items. :D

I will be blogging this weekend during Beta and taking as many screenshots as I can. Stayed tuned for updates!

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