Saturday, June 9, 2012

My Cheeks Hurt From Smiling

Had the MOST fun in GW2 last night! Two of my best online friends, Dezi & Pol, bought the game and came into beta with me. Then later, another gaming friend, Dogmatichades, logged on to our RaidCall channel and chatted with us while he waited for his download. I laughed so much! It is great to be back with my friends and playing a game that is fun, challenging and beautiful.

I want to get back into game so here are just a few screenshots of things that we did last night.

Made it to Lion's Arch! Beautiful place. The bottom of this fountain has moving pieces, and spouts of water shoot up from the fishies.

Pol (Iron Hellspawn) found a freaking WHALE and tried to ride it.

Spiral and a Sylvan Hound in LA. I spent quite a bit of time just exploring and staring at things and saying stuff like: "This game is freaking awesome." 

Dezi's first toon, a Charr hunter named Crissy Padfoot. She actually decided later to try out the thief class and fell in love with it! I think this poor kitty won't be seen again. 
Equipped dual-wielding daggers and got a new skill, FIRE BARF!! Well, I think technically it's called Drake's Breath, but I had a fantastic time running about projectile-puking flames on everything in sight.  :D

Leave it to Pol to have the most memorable statement of the night: "Oh God! I almost stepped on an Asuran child!!" (With a very sincere tone of alarm in his voice.)
Almost forgot: Dezi & Pol couldn't get into Scavenger's Causeway server so I used my free transfer to go to Port Sledge with them. But apparently world choice is not locked in for the release, so who knows where we'll end up!

Guys, I am so glad that you're in game with me! I missed you all so much and it's great to be back online in RC chatting it up and exploring this fantastic new game. Things are always better with friends. :D
I'm heading back in. See you in Tyria!

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  1. Had a BLAST last night :D. Can't wait for the full release. And yes, things are always better when done with friends. -Dezi-