Thursday, September 13, 2012

When You Run With An Asura

GW2 Guild Wars 2 lightning hammer elementalist
Warmad and the lightning hammer!
Ya gotta be careful who you hang with. Asura are fearless, inventive and just plain fun!
Hartak (aka Dogmatichades) is an asura elementalist, I think maybe the only asura in the guild so far, and he perfectly embodies the brilliant yet mad spirit of the diminutive race. I always have such a fantastic time when I group with him!

One of my first adventures with Hartak was in WvWvW, along with Warmad, who plays a Norn warrior. We wandered off the main path to get a skill point and ended up goofing around in a field. Hartak dropped a lightning hammer and War had a blast (har har) pounding the earth and anything else in range. I also got to ride in the golem power suit, but I was so excited, I didn't take screenshots! I love the skill where you whip your robot arms around like a blender! Too much fun.  :)

GW2 Guild Wars 2 golem power suit bear form
Power Suit vs. Bear Form
Here's a screen of Hartak in the power suit having a fake duel with War, who retaliated by taking bear form! Whatta fight! It's too bad you can't duel. I would pay money to see who would win that. 

A few days later, Hartak logged on after a long day at work and decided to join Majyst and I for some newbie adventures. Maj had just made a human necro to try it out and I had rerolled my own human necro cuz I hated her skinny ankles. (True story.)

So us two girls were brawling away in a bandit fight in Queensdale while chatting it up in Raidcall, when a crazy little asura joined the fray. We were like, hey, that one's ours!! So we partied up, and we put a target reticle on Hartak's head so we could tell who he was. He's so wittle!  :D
GW2 Guild Wars 2 human necromancer
Mistress Madheart, Carnelion Teethhurt
 and a lucky Hartak
In fact, he's so wittle, he can fit under Carnelion's skirt. Oh my! Don't blame the asura; it was actually Majyst who positioned his girl like that.

So off we went and did some newbie hearts and skill points to level the necros. During one of the quests, Hartak found some bombs in a cave that you could pick up and carry around with you. When he put it down, it ignited and a few seconds later exploded.

So he took one with him! He carried around for a good few minutes before deciding what to do with it.
He found a deer -- yes, an innocent deer, peacefully grazing in a field -- and he put the bomb UNDER IT. We all stood back and watched with gleeful anticipation and a minor dose of guilt, like little kids lighting a firecracker. ~~BOOM!!~~ The deer flies into the air with legs splayed, lands with a solid thump...and then GETS UP and starts attacking Hartak with inspired ferocity! OMG, I was laughing so hard I forgot to take a screenshot! It was too funny.

shadow behemoth Godslost swamp GW2 Guild Wars 2
"What? Is there something behind me?"
Our last adventures of the night was a doozie! As we were exploring the newbie zone, a message came up about the swamp. Maj and Hartak knew what it meant...the Shadow Behemoth was spawning! Off we go to fight...or in my case, to stand around looking pretty and taking screens! :)
It was a very cool event. The dude was spectacularly huge and wicked and scary. There were a pile of dead players around his, um, "feet", but when I tried to go in and rez them, I died too. So we stood back and blasted at him and his portals until he was defeated. A huge chest popped up and we looted with big grins on our faces. What a great way to end a super-fun night!

Thanks for the fun and adventures, boys. You guys make me laugh every time. *huggle-grope*

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