Sunday, September 23, 2012

Quaggan Babies??? Squeeeeeee!

GW2 Guild Wars 2 Quaggan
"Mum, can I have more tuna? I'm hungry!"
I've loved Quaggans from the first moment I saw them in the ocean outside Lion's Arch during beta, and now I've found more reasons to squee! I was questing somewhere with lots of water (be glad I never have to give you directions to anywhere), and I saw the chubbiest, bluest, more adorable baby quaggan chasing after an adult Quaggan.
Honestly, look at him!! He's fatter than his mom! He's so freaking cute I might explode!  Look at his stubby little tail! Look at the reflection of the sky on his rubbery noggin!  :D

Ahem! of the NPCs said that we needed to protect the nearby Quaggan nursery from predators and such. They said it was a secret place and the NPC actually wouldn't tell me where it was. But of course I went a-looking for it. I swam all over the place until I found a cave entrance guarded by a Quaggan who was trying his best to look fierce, but failing, as it's hard to be intimidated by a marine mammal with the face of a beluga, the tail of a manatee and the thighs of a plump baby. (Although, if any of you have done quests where the Quaggan get mad, you'd know they have some nasty teeth!)

So I ventured inside the nursery and was immediately overcome with SQUEE! Everywhere were fat blue Quaggan calves swimming lazily about. A few adults kept watch over the chubby group, no doubt with aching cheeks from smiling so much at their delightful offspring. After a few moments of exploring the cave, I backed up a bit to take a screenshot. Here's what happened...
GW2 Guild Wars 2 Quaggan
PHOTOBOMBED by a baby Quaggan!
OMG, I busted out laughing so loud that I scared my cat! Somehow that little guy got right in front of my camera just as I snapped the pic! Such perfect timing! (Could it be intentional on ANet's part? Who knows?)
GW2 Guild Wars 2 Quaggan
The secret Quaggan nursery
Many quest letters are boring, but this one made me smile.
I repositioned my camera and took another photo of the nursery showing the babies and the homes where the eggs are laid. I thought it kinda strange that they laid eggs, then raised young that somehow get smaller as they get older...but whatever. Cute cute cute!

I got this letter from the NPC after completing the heart quest. "Stubborn little butterballs"! "Little ball of flab"! Love it. :D

GW2 Guild Wars 2 Quaggan
Spiral and the Quaggan elder
Further along in my personal storyline, I had to choose what inferior race I wanted to study with the Durmand Priory: Krait, Skritt, or Quaggan. I chose Krait cuz who doesn't love a big scaly lizard?
KIDDING! Just seeing if you were paying attention.
Yes, I chose quaggan, even though I knew it would involve underwater fighting, which I suck at.

There's a pic of me in my fab dragonfly gear that Modra crafted for me, and one of the Quaggan who was showing me around. Check out the fancy headdress on her. How the heck did she make that with her pudgy fingers? Hmmm...minor technicality.
Some people say that they want Quaggans to be the next playable race, but I doubt that will happen. They too peaceful to be a viable combat race and have a hard time on land. Though if ANet ever came out with a Quaggan pet, I would be all over that! Coo, Spiral love Quaggan!

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