Sunday, September 2, 2012

It's Going Too Fast!

Floating castle Guild Wars 2
I was curious if this castle was actually floating
away but I didn't have the patience to watch it for long.
I hit level 30 yesterday! Woot!
But then I had a bit of a panic. It's going too fast! I'm not even trying to level and I've already hit 30 after only a week?? I don't want to hit level cap. I don't want it to be over.

But then I enhanced my calm and talked to Dezi & Pol. They played GW1 for years. I asked them what kept them interested. They talked excitedly (and at length!) about events, quests, exploring, alts and helping new guildies. They assured me that ANet wouldn't let me down by not providing fresh and interesting content if I hit level cap too quickly. GW2 is here for the long haul.

I also thought about how I barely ever look at my experience bar and it reminded me of something that Majyst said right at the beginning: "I have no idea what level I am and I don't care." It's totally true! Some players complain about the down-leveling mechanic, but I've been having fun just puttering around in the five starting zones. It's still a challenge because I am down-leveled quite a bit, so the mobs are not just falling over dead when I glare at them. (Although I imagine an angry look from a Sylvari would be more humourous than threatening. FEAR THE SALAD!!)

And a quick glance at my world map shows me I only have 20% completion. So I guess there is a looooong way to go! Plus I have alts to level, dungeons to dominate and crafting discoveries to make! And I haven't done any sPvP or WvWvW.

I just had a slurp of hot coffee and I think it turned my brain on. Here's my thought: isn't it a bit ridiculous to worry about leveling too fast? I mean, most other MMOs you're struggling and grinding and complaining about being in one zone for so long. So here I am fretting about the game being awesome! Gosh, silly me.

Okay, before I hop into Tyria to continue my fun fun fun, here are some screens for you to enjoy. I keep screenshotting everything and my folder is filling up quick! I'm thinking I may need to figure out some sort of external photo storage site for all of them. :)

Guild Wars 2 zone boss reward treasure box
Insert "big box -- that's what he said" joke here.

Guild Wars 2 Crows Nest drunk
Had a few too many firewaters at the Crows Nest!

Guild Wars 2 underwater combat enraged shark
Somewhere in that bubbly, bloody underwater mess
is Agga, my little Asuran thief. Heck of a boss fight!
Remember to stop and smell the ... um ... onions! Look up from your pillaging to notice the virtual beauty of the world around you. Enjoy the game, have fun, relax, escape, and remember that Guild Wars 2 is here for our enjoyment for years to come. There is no rush. We have all the time in the world. :)

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