Friday, September 21, 2012

That Just Happened

Ugh, totally tired from staying up too late gaming and having to get up early to work. But I had buckets of fun last night. I think I trashed my guildies' ears though. I was a bit loud in RaidCall.
But wouldn't you be if you ran over a hill and saw this?

GW2 Guild Wars 2 Claw of Jormag
I tripped in the snow when I saw him!
At first I thought it was The Shatterer, cuz I didn't know there was more than one giant icy dragon,
but it is actually a Claw of Jormag. Basically a baby. :D
I had no intention of fighting a giant dragon last night, but I was lost or searching for strawberries or something, and literally heard the sounds in the distance and then ran over a snow bank and saw him! I was stunned. I almost didn't want to get closer but....
GW2 Guild Wars 2 Claw of Jormag
Here I am getting into the fight...or so I thought.
...I just had to get up close. It was kinda bizarre because I kept getting closer and closer and he kept getting bigger and bigger! At one point, I did get right up under his feet, and promptly was in the downed state.
It was just so ... mind-blowing. I wasn't expecting it. It truly was like a dynamic event for me, something I just stumbled upon and decided to join because all sorts of crazies were there trying to take down this massive beast. He was loud and beautiful and scary and painful.
GW2 Guild Wars 2 Claw of Jormag illusionary rogue
My Illusionary Rogue, cast from my downed state, has become an Angel of Death!
I swear I was hitting the dragon or the ice shards or something, but in the end I didn't get any loot or XP. Next time I'm grabbing a turret or something though so I can do some real damage. Look out, Claw, I'll be back!

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