Monday, September 17, 2012

An Adventure with Majyst

I have so much to blog about! The last few days have been packed with fun and laughs and deaths and awesome-sauce. But I've decided to start with the adventure I had with my good friend, Majyst.
Last night, he was excitedly telling us (Hartak and I) in Raidcall about a fantastic Kodan ship carved out of an iceburg. I was fascinated by his description, so when he offered to take me there, I accepted! I knew it would be a hard trip though, as the ship is in Frostgorge Sound, which is a level 70-80 zone and I am only 62. But I had confidence that Majyst would help me survive. And he did!

I reluctantly spent silver to port to the nearest waypoint that I had unlocked, which was Solitude Waypoint in Wayfarer Foothills. (BTW, Majyst shared a link with the guild called gw2cartographers that is an interactive map of the whole of Tyria. Really amazing site to help you find that last POI or heart quest.)
From there he escorted me north through the wild white wandscape (hee hee, that's my best Elmer Fudd there!). It was completely uneventful...NOT!

Basically here's how it went. I'd be running along following him like a good girl and then pull a skritt and go, "Oooh shiney!" and veer away from the safe path. Then I'd squeak, "Uh-oh!" and brave Majyst would come running back to save my leafy ass.
I gathered so many mobs that he exclaimed in RC, "You're like a wild animal magnet." To which I replied demurely, "Yes, yes, I am."
Of course Hartak had to pipe up and say, "You should see what happens when she goes into a Norn bar."  LOL!! This is why I love you guys!  :D

Anyway, here are some great screens of our adventure to the ship...
Guild Wars 2 GW2 griffon
Look, I'm hitting one!

Guild Wars 2 GW2 Frostgorge Sound
Check out this epic fight! Majyst's pet moa, Rocky Balmoa, is in there giving it to the tigers!

Majyst has no fear as he shoots an arrow into the belly of the beast!

Underwater wasn't any safer. It's a shark!
(Or as our kiwi Modra says, "A shahk!")

Okay, so here's what's going on in this picture. I am trying to point out to Maj the tiny pink seahorses that are zooming around near the bottom of the picture. Behind me is a barracuda ready to chomp my butt, and there is Majyst going "Awww hell" and swimming back to save me!  
So we did finally make it to our destination and spent many minutes staring in awe at the iceburg ships. (There are two.) I took many screenshots, but really you just have to go see it for yourself to appreciate the scale of the them.

Both Maj and I were saying that we give the GW2 artists a big KUDOS for their vision and talent. To conceive of such a thing as a ship carved from an iceburg, and then to draw it in such a fantastic, massive, glorious way is just AWESOME. This game continues to amaze me. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, right now actually: look up from your fights!! See the world around you. It is beautiful.
And if you happen to see a purple-leafed sylvari about to get mauled by a raging minotaur because she's staring at flowers, be a kind soul and help her out. :D

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