Monday, September 3, 2012

More and More and More Screenshots

I'm being lazy and letting the "pictures speak a thousand words" phrase dictate this post. I'm sorry they're not better quality, but I'm often screenshotting on the fly and don't have time to pump all my graphics options to max.

GW2 charm interaction
I met this guy whose three kids were daring him to dive off the dock into barracuda-infested waters.
It was one of those personality choices, where you needed to use charm, ferocity or dignity to get him to jump.

GW2 heart quest party icon
Mighty big dude! Dezi pointed out the empty hearts next to party members
that shows they haven't completed the current heart-quest.

Convincing an ettin to fight for his leader, Krug. Krug's thank you letter. So cute!

GW2 minotaur transformation
Majyst is feeling horny.
Dropped our first guild banner.
Dezi and I spent an hour making the emblem.
It's totally crazy and fun, just like LOST!

GW2 Kodan polar bear people
Spiral and the Kodan. If it was up to me, this would be the next playable race!

GW2 races kodan charr quaggan norn asura human sylvari
This is one of the things I love about GW2. We helped escort a Quaggan to meet with a Kodan.
In the picture are also a Sylvari (me), an Asura, two Norns, a Charr and a human!

I dove off the high dive outside L.A. with this lovely Norn.

Discovered what happens if you try to swim out to sea.

GW2 seed turret sylvari
My seed turret that shoots spikey fruit at the enemy,
plus me admiring my large greatsword.

What are these puppies waiting for?

GW2 underwater pipe organ
Underwater pipe organ!!

GW2 Caithe hylek
Okay. So let me explain this picture. I was in my personal story, and the Hylek was leaking poisonous gas ... or something ... and Caithe was trying to help him.
But wow, it does look like she's in a compromising position with a rather relaxed frog-man!!  ;)

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