Monday, March 3, 2014

Escape from L.A. Screens

I think it's a good sign that I haven't blogged because it means that I've been too busy having fun in game! The Escape from L.A. event is quite fun to do, although I actually don't care for the rewards. I think the Spinal back piece is ugly, and I'm not interested in either a halo or floating horns. Not sure what I'm going to do with all the mats I've collected from L.A. though. Wish they were not account bound.
I'm just going to toss up my screens from the past two weeks and make some Spiral-esque comments for you to enjoy. :)
Honestly shocked and sad to see Lion's Arch burning. They did such a good job on this event. The sound of citizens screaming in the distance, plus the lurid red flames, plus mobs freaking EVERYWHERE, plus the rush of the zerg, added up to a horrifying and exhilarating experience. (The first dozen times, at least.)

The zerg at work/play

Champ fight... what a mess of graphics. Kinda sucked that most fights were like this, just a blur of colours and me smashing my buttons. Did have to have some skill to dodge out of circles, but mostly just stick with the group.

Poor statue has to be rebuilt again. Would be funny if they just put it back up with duct tape. :)

Thought it was cool that even the entrance to L.A in Gendarran Fields shows the burning. Nice touch, ANet.

These two little mo-fos escaped... but where is Raisin-face? Someone said the "squished and weird" Charr was in the med tent. Did he rescue Raisin-face?

In my previous post, I showed you this vista before the attack. Quite a change. :(

Another view of L.A. Can you smell the burning wood and toxic miasma? Feel the hot wind fanning the flames? Hear the people screaming and buildings collapsing? 

Some fun with Chazdy and Pol! I'm the blue Quaggan on the left. So adorable. 
I had a very interesting conversation with some dudes around a campfire in the refuge camp. I think they were role playing, but not quite sure. A formidable Blood Legion Charr was asking "Why should we bother saving them?" His Norn friend wasn't sure, so he decided to call out to me as I was running by. I answered, "Possible food source?" They laughed. So then I said, "Quaggans are basically small whales so I'm sure the Norn can think of some uses for whale oil, blubber, meat and hides." He said, "Oh, sure. Food, lamp oil, boots... decor." I LOL'd!

Great things about Escape from L.A.:
1. They saved the NPCs.
2. They gave the NPCs great dialogue, both naturally spoken and responses to you talking to them. I spent quite a bit of time talking to any NPCs that was clickable, plus standing and listening to conversations. Kasjory's in Lornar's Pass was quite interesting, if a bit gag-me-sweet.
3. They gave unique rewards that, fingers crossed, won't be available later to anyone who wasn't there. I like this tactic, although having spent 8 months away from the game, I now regret not being there for previous releases such as Aetherblades and Queen's Jubilee.Limited time loot is very appealing.
4. Speaking of loot, mobs in L.A. were handing it out like candy at Halloween. Even worse than that! They were handing out loot like fleas at a circus. My bags kept getting full!
5. The event started like clockwork every hour, with 10 minutes break. No long wait, no super long fights.
6. They had a variety of achieves to, errr, achieve.

Things I didn't like:
1. No involvement of the Tengu.
2. Evon Gnashblade saying he wished Ellen Kiel was dead. Rude!
3. AFKers in L.A.
4. Most stuff account bound.
5. No crafting stations in Vigil Keep.

Okay, that's enough blathering for now. Gotta get back in game and enjoy the last day of this event. Tomorrow, we take back Lion's Arch!

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