Monday, March 17, 2014

Scarlet Battle Music

I was browsing the forums, procrastinating from work, and found a post about the great music that plays during the last fight with Scarlet's hologram inside the big screw. Great music? What great music? I was listening to Paramore. :)
Long long ago when the earth was green, I turned off my in-game music. It just gets repetitive. I mean, I love the music but I can't listen to it looping all the time, especially since sometimes it makes me stressed out during fight.s
Anyhoo, forum poster, Nouvel, gave the link to Guild Wars 2's SoundCloud page and the track: GW2 Battle on the Breachmaker. I gave it a listen and found it very interesting. I really enjoyed the very, very deep instrument at the beginning, plus the spooky piano/choir part. Now I want to go back and fight Scarlet again with my sound on, just to hear how it interacts with the fight. I'd better do it today; tomorrow is update day and I think it's all going kapoof. What will be next?
Ugh, back to work.
L.A. up in flames.

Dead dead DEAD!

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