Saturday, March 22, 2014

Alts and Other Time Well Spent

Time for another screenshot folder dump! This one focused on the strange things I've seen in my travels, plus the abundant number of alts I've played with while key farming. Enjoy.
Me and my friend, Grave Lord Nito, as a miniaturized blonde asura.
He's since moved to Henge of Denravi to have more success in WvW.
It looks like a tie game, but they actually won it. Grrrr.

Did you know there were snow butterflies?

Have you been to the old Marionette fight location yet?

Garm and a wolf pup tearing around in the snow at Eir's house. So adorable!

Planking, Tyria style.
Frustrated by an invisible wall that keeps me from getting to a cool cave opening.
Swam down to this fabulous chest, fought off a bunch of pirates,
and then the darn thing wouldn't open. 
One of the most realistic and funny things I've seen. Girl walking in the woods, checking out a curious raven, not noticing a GIANT moose hiding in the bushes. (Welcome to Canada.)
Quaggan jumping puzzle, Coddler's Cove.
This lovely dame was singing to the babes.

Now for the alts! I tell ya, if you ever need to come up with a toon name, let me know. I seem to have an endless reservoir of monikers in my head. Pointless talent.

Miss Magicpaws Needlefoot
(couldn't believe that name wasn't taken)

Norm Dullspoon
(making fun of all the dudes named
Awesomix RazorScythe and such)
Aerie Skyborn Idina Wolfsong

Schnozelda You know you want her.

Willow Kitteh
(designed after my real life kitty, Willow, who is in fact much fiercer than a Charr. I have the scars to prove it.)

Anna of Arendelle, based on the movie Frozen Mel Eficient
(designed after Angelina Jolie as Maleficent)

Liezle Screwturner Khyjji Spiral Minime Bechemelle

And finally, Flaxi Barnborn.
She is going to stay! I love her so much, I'm deleting my
male Sylvari warrior to keep her instead.)

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