Tuesday, March 25, 2014

New Wardrobe and Dye Systems OMG!!

Read this: Introducing the Wardrobe System.
And this: Dyes in the New Account Wardrobe.

To sum up the main bits:
1. All armor and weapon skins will be unlocked account-wide.
2. All dyes are unlocked account-wide.

This is shocking to me. I'm stunned. I'm excited and confused also. And nervous. And happy. And disappointed. And ... a bundle of emotions!

Shocked and stunned that such a huge change is coming after the game has been out for so long.
Excited because I love dressing up!
Confused because they didn't explain it all, or else I read it too fast and didn't absorb it.
Nervous that I will lose what I've already unlocked.
Happy to see this fine print: "If you already have the same dyes unlocked on multiple characters, when you log in on additional characters, you will receive one unidentified dye for each duplicate dye already unlocked on your account."
Disappointed that all my hard work and gold getting skins and dyes is now pretty much wasted. Everyone is going to have it sooooo easy from here on in.

New Wardrobe UI. I'm staring at it, trying to figure out how it'll work.
What is a transmutation charge? How much will those cost?
The article says, currently owned "Transmutation Crystals can be directly converted into charges, and Transmutation Stones can be converted at a three-to-one rate."
So does that mean the charges good for all levels? Will there be level restrictions? Like, could a level 10 noob put level 80 gear on his toon? (Makes it  less awesome to have level 80 gear if all the noobs are wearing it.)
Can we switch armor types? Medium to light, etc? (Edit: No, not gonna happen.)
Can we switch cultural armor? Can my Charr wear Asura cultural armor?
If unidentified dyes will no longer drop. how we will craft some of the legendary items that require 250 of them? (I think it's Bifrost.)

The forums are going crazy. The TP is crazier. I'm heading into game to hear some mapchat.

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  1. I picture it sorta like the way they did it in Runes of Magic, if you remember that. Like you have to use the stone to put in in the wardrobe, and once its in there you can swap your look all you want, but that's just my guess. Also the transmutation charge will probably cost just as much as the crystals do now, and I believe they said you can still make the unidentified dyes in the mystic forge or buy them with laurels.