Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New Patch is Loading

Making this quick blog post as the Escape from LA patch loads. Soooo excited!

I made sure that all my toons had their LA map completion done, so I've spent quite a bit of time in the big city. Talked to some NPCs I hadn't seen before, including a centaur exile near the Minister's House, some Grawl refuges, and Ellen Kiel. Had a drink at every bar in town. Got some screens of my favourite places, and went to a Farewell Party on top of the tower! Good fun and good memories, LA! We shall rebuild, if given the chance.
Spiral views the fountain for the last time.
She has returned to The Grove for safety, but will fight for L.A. with all her leafy muscles!

Many people have said they want the Mystic Toilet to burn and not come back.  :)

I love this pirate ship bridge. 

Butterscotch Ripple says, "I don't wanna jump! It's so FAR!"

Mistress Madheart met this poor villager who was so overcome that he just stared at the wall.

Took a portal to the top of a tower and partied like there was no tomorrow!
(I'm on Agga in this pic. She's an Asura so she's too short to see!)

While I was waiting for the delayed patch, I farmed BL keys. Here is Subject OneFourSix.
She is an alien visiting Tyria for research and observation. :D
When she met this Sylvari, she didn't feel so strange after all!

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