Thursday, November 29, 2012

I'm Not Dead

I've been MIA, if you hadn't noticed. I know if more than three real-time days goes by and I'm not seen in game, I'm considered to be dead and all my gamely possessions are up for grabs. But I'm ALIVE! Now step away from my loot. *fierce Sylvari face* (stop giggling, I can be fierce!)

There are two reasons for my absence:
1. Wurm Online.
2. Discouragement.

I can't do anything about Wurm. It's a surprisingly addictive game. But the discouragement I've felt towards GW2 has eased somewhat with the letter I got from support this morning.

Thanks again for your patience while we looked into your issue with the Lost Shores event. We have confirmed that we can provide everyone who did not have the opportunity to loot the chest with a reward for their participation. All affected players will receive a reward regardless of whether or not they have contacted Support. We’re working very hard on this, and you should have a reward in your in-game mail early next week.

The Guild Wars Support Team

I am pleased that the team at ANet is listening to the players' concerns over this event and working to resolve it. And I guess it irked me more than I let on, as it's been on my mind whenever I've considered logging on to the game to play. Sort of like a "why bother?" attitude.
Granted, when I have logged on to play for a few minutes, I still get that "holy crap this game is pretty" feeling as well! But pretty can only take you so far. I need substance. I need a goal. I need a sense of achievement.

So perhaps I'll be in game some more, or perhaps I'm taking a haitus until Wintersday events perk things up again. Who knows? I just do what's fun. :)

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