Monday, November 19, 2012

Lost Shores Weekend - Final Thoughts

I'm significantly calmer than I was when I posted yesterday about my disastrous crash at the finale. I put in a support ticket right after I posted that blog, and received a quick reply:

Thank you for contacting the Guild Wars 2 Support Team.
We were sorry to learn that some players were unable to receive their rewards at the conclusion of this weekend's event, due to being disconnected.
Our development team is currently exploring the possibility of being able to provide these rewards to those players that were affected. You can read more about this on the official Guild Wars 2 Forums, located here: (
Once we have additional information to impart, we will contact you again via this same ticket.
We certainly appreciate your continued patience and understanding while we work through this issue.

GM Smote
I logged on to the forums and found several threads of people with a similar issue as mine. That made me feel a bit better, but also sad that so many people experienced this disappointment as well. We shall see how they manage to deal with this problem. I would be satisfied with just the 20-slot bag that others have said they received. I would be happier to get a chance to open a chest for loot.

The Lost Shores weekend wasn't an entire bust though. On Saturday I had a blast playing with Dezi, Zephrayne and Kjarri in the new zone! Here are some screens and comments.
GW2 Guild Wars 2 Lost Shores Southsun Cove
How many phallic symbols can you find in this picture?
Yes, there were a lot of dirty jokes as we explored this zone. :D
GW2 Guild Wars 2 Lost Shores Southsun Cove
Zephrayne, Dezi and Spiral dance in celebration of finding the land of penises. Peni? Penes?
Actually, Dezi was going AFK and asked us to "Watch her butt." So we asked her to shake it for us! So obliged. What a good friend. We danced with her, of course, cuz even though we're cool gamer chicks, we still have the female urge to dance in small groups.
GW2 Guild Wars 2 Lost Shores Southsun Cove
Kjarri (on Fraya) rezzing his female companions after they attracted too much attention from the Karka.
One of the funniest things that happened while Dezi, Zeph and I were exploring Southsun Cove was our interaction with a stranger. The three of us were standing together and a male Asura ran up and screeched to a halt. He looked at us and said, "May I entertain you?" We said, "Yes!" He then proceeded to do a "pole-dance" on his weapon, wedging it into the ground and spinning around it with his tiny feet off the ground! It was so hilarious and shocking! We laughed  and applauded and threw money. He said "Toodaloo" and ran off. So cute! I didn't get a screenie of it unfortunately, but to whoever he was, thanks for the giggle. You're welcome to dance for us anytime. ;)
GW2 Guild Wars 2 Lost Shores event
A player named Avg Homeboy summed up the Lost Shores final event quite nicely.
GW2 Guild Wars 2 Lost Shores event
This is what happened for most of the Lost Shores finale. I lost track of the number of times I died and rezzed.
GW2 Guild Wars 2 Lost Shores Ancient Karka
And this is the last thing I saw. You can see how little health the Ancient Karka has left, and on the right it shows what stage we are on. This was after 2 hours and 40 minutes of struggle. Just about cried.

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