Monday, November 12, 2012

Five Days to Lost Shores!

The lucky guys over at got a sneak peek at the upcoming Lost Shores event/expansion stuff. I didn't realize there was so much new content coming. That's pretty awesome! And it's freeeeeee. I love free. :)

To sum up:
1. Lost Shores Weekend event: "ArenaNet describes the theme of the event as being a 'monster movie, invasion type thing' that will focus on the lore of Lion’s Arch. During the event, Lion’s Arch will be invaded by a new enemy group called the ‘Karka’." Players will be upleveled to 80 to be able to participate in the events.
2. The Lost Shores level 80 island opened up during the weekend events will remain permanently after the weekend is over. However, you will no longer be upleveled when you go there.
3. Fractals of the Mist dungeon: New dungeon?? I haven't even finished the others. Damn, better get cracking, eh? So it sounds different and fun. There are nine fractals. Your group will be thrown into a series of three random fractals in a row. Every other time you go thru the set, you get a special boss. And every time you go thru the set, it gets harder, but of course you get better rewards. Whoa. Awesome.
4. New Ascended rarity gear that is higher than Exotic. Wicked cool. Also has a chance to have an Infused slot for new upgrades. More pieces will be added as the game matures.
5. Temple of the Silent Storm PvP map: based on the Koden lore and environment, taking place in one of their carved iceburg ships. Also has meditation spots for boons. Neat idea.

Sounds like a lot of new fun coming up! What an amazing expansion so soon after release date. Those guys at ANet must be working their geeky little butts off! :D

EDIT: Literally two minutes after I posted this blog, ANet posted this page on the Lost Shores expansion. More info and teasers, yay!

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  1. Sweet, this new patch looks awesome.