Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Screens From the Past Few Days

I'm getting a build up of screenshots again so I'm dumping them here for all to admire. :D

GW2 Guild Wars 2 asura thief
Agga Gemseeker, my Asura thief, taking aim AT YOUR FACE!
GW2 Guild Wars 2 vista
A vista in Queensdale. Little Agga is on top of the thatched roof. 
GW2 Guild Wars 2 face in the rocks
I finally got a chance to party with Ejov and we adventured through Iron Marches.
Found a face. Very strange.
GW2 Guild Wars 2 big tree God's Hand
Ejov and I also found The Tree of Life! Well, it's not called that. I think it was called God's Hand or something. We didn't realize how big it was until we stepped back and looked up up UP!!
GW2 Guild Wars 2 phantasm illusionary duelist
My Illusionary Duelest decided not to shatter and stuck with me long enough for a portrait!
GW2 Guild Wars 2 Twilight Arbor
Clan of the Lost Minds -- first time in Twilight Arbor. Woot!
We didn't quite finish, but it was only because it was too late for people who had to work in the morning. 
GW2 Guild Wars 2 WvW
A bit overwhelmed in WvW
GW2 Guild Wars 2 monthly achievement
Finished my monthly achieve for the first time.
Have to say I was disappointed. Not sure if it's worth the effort.
GW2 Guild Wars 2 guild party
A guild was having a recruitment party in LA. Pretty cool. Can't wait until we can do this!
GW2 Guild Wars 2 quaggan calf
OMG this guy, Jimbrah, had transformed into a Quaggan calf! So squee!
GW2 Guild Wars 2 Shatterer dragon
Oh my! Who do we have here?? Yes, it's The Shatterer!
Freaking amazing, isn't he? Almost a shame to kill him.
GW2 Guild Wars 2 Shatterer dragon
Getting up close now. My heart was thumping and my face was grinning and my fingers were stumbling over my keys trying to fight and dodge and screenshot. :D
GW2 Guild Wars 2 stars Rata Sum
Ah, peace at last.
This is the view from a balcony on Rata Sum. Totally in awe of this. Some artist took the time to make a galaxy of stars for us to ponder, on the off chance that a player (like me) would chance to look up. Thank you. 

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