Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rx: Perform Once Daily

What category is this thing? Fugly? Ah, just kill it.
I'm big on achievements. I love getting that pop-up that says "You done good!" Rewards float my boat, if ya know what I mean. :)

So I was curious this morning about the daily achievement. Normally I just run about killing stuff and doing events until the reward chest appears, but I was thinking that perhaps I could be more efficient in my rampaging.

So I Googled the most obscure of the four categories: Daily Kill Variety. This is the one that you have to kill 15 different types of animals. I've been paying attention (somewhat) to the types of animals I have to kill to get this section done, but some days it seems like it is pretty random. The other day I completed this achieve by killing a white rabbit. Huh? What category does that belong to? Cute and defenseless? Unlucky mammal? Got-In-The-Way-Of-My-Greatsword?
My web search came up with the GW2 Wiki page, Slayer, thanks to a tip from Shjak, a dude I have never heard of, on Gaming Stack Exchange, a website I have never heard of. Yay for the internet!

So anyway, there are actually 39 varieties of mobs in GW2, so it should be easy to find 15 of them to do this achieve.
centaur, drake, harpy, spider, bandit, skale, bat, shell, devourer, dredge, elemental, ettin, ghost, giant, grawl, griffon, hylek, Flame Legion, fish, imp, Inquest, insect, jotun, krait, minotaur, Nightmare Court, ogre, ooze, pirate, plant (oakhearts), raptor, skelk, skritt, Son of Svanir, troll, wind rider, wurm, Zhaitan's army (anything labeled "risen"), and white mobs no matter what species.
Apparently there are some anomalies to this list, so check out the Slayer page on the Wiki. Or just do what you've been doing and kill everything that crosses your path or looks at you funny or whose name contains a vowel.

Why do the daily, you ask? For the Mystic Coin, of course!
And why do you want Mystic Coins, you inquire with innocence and noobishness? Well, to craft the most awesome butt-kicking face-melting toe-curling panty-ripping legendary weapon of all time! See here.  :D

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