Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Act I

Shadow of the Mad King has arrived in Tyria and I've been having a blast! Been too busy to blog even. Sorry about that. However, I always have time to press PrtScn!
GW2 Guild Wars 2 Shadow the Mad King Halloween costume brawl
Costume Brawl chaos greeted me when I arrived at L.A. That's me, the glowy ooze. I still have no clue why people are doing this. Maybe there's an achieve? I couldn't find any reward for doing it.
GW2 Guild Wars 2 Shadow the Mad King Halloween candy corn GW2 Guild Wars 2 Shadow the Mad King Halloween
Kinda obvious candy corn nodes.
Also you can see I've got the rented spooky staff.
I'm working on my Master Carver title.
What do you think? Not bad, huh?
GW2 Guild Wars 2 Shadow the Mad King Halloween haunted door GW2 Guild Wars 2 Shadow the Mad King Halloween haunted door
Haunted doors are all over!Nice view of the universe.
GW2 Guild Wars 2 Shadow the Mad King Halloween haunted door
This haunted door got stuck open and kept spawning endless candy corn men.

GW2 Guild Wars 2 Shadow the Mad King Halloween chef recipes
Of course, I had to discover all the recipes right away! These are just a few of them.
Sometimes when you eat one, you turn into a Halloween person. I turned into a candy corn man after eating a candy apple, and turned into a ghost after eating an Omnomberry Ghost.

GW2 Guild Wars 2 Shadow the Mad King Halloween skeleton
I've lost weight!
It was a bit confusing to just jump into Halloween. There were no instructions really on what we were supposed to be doing. We all just kinda clicked on things to see what would happen.

I spent quite a bit of time jumping up the broken stairs to be able to throw myself in the Mystic Forge Cauldron. I thought something cool would happen or I'd get a reward. All that happened was that I turned into this lovely green skeleton. I mean, that's nice and all, but I was hoping for more. I guess it's just because it took me so long to get up there! Some other people might have found the jumping to be easy, I guess, and wouldn't have been disappointed.

I found all the ghosties and collected their stories for the scavenger hunt given by the Asura near the fountain. I'm proud to say I did most of the clues on my own, although once I got to the location, there was a mob of people to help guide me. The book that you get at the end is actually a visible back slot piece, but it doesn't have great stats. We'll see if that quest continues into Act II.
(If you'd like a guide to the scavenger hunt, Dulfy has one.)
GW2 Guild Wars 2 barf

What else have I done? Oh, I've been carving pumpkins but haven't quite finished the achieve yet.
I threw toilet paper in Queensdale and watched a fake Mad King tell a story.
I've eated a bazillion candy corn and dealt with the consequences. (It's actually a combo finisher, projectile. Kinda funny.)
I've been in a food fight, although once again I don't know why.
I've been transformed into a pig, an owl, a leopard, an ooze, a skelly, a ghost, a candy corn man, and a plastic spider.
I've gone "oooOOOOooo" at the baby quaggans dressed up and running around the fountain in L.A. Freaking CUTE. The asura kids are hilarious too; the little cannibal is just adorable! You can talk to any costumed kid and they will trade you a treat-or-treat bag for candy corn. I've been trading 50 candy corn to get 8 bags.
I've tried out the new Mystic Forge recipes for a chance at a weapon skin, but didn't get anything. For those who haven't heard, the recipe is 1 Candy Corn, 6 Mystery Tonics, and 2 boosts from your Black Lion Chests. Split the boosts so one goes in each slot. You'll get a Mad King's chest that doesn't require a key to open.
Also have been reading around the web that you can craft permanent versions of the weapons, but the mat requirements are insane. Guild Wars Insider has a guide.

So far, I've been very happy with the Halloween events. And it's only Act I!! Just walking around L.A. looking at the jack o' lanterns, the bat lamps, the floating candles, and the costumed crazies makes me smile like the Mad King himself!  :D

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