Saturday, October 27, 2012

CM Explorable Attempt

Bunch of us went into Caudecus Manor to try for the explorable path, The Missing Seraph. Turned out to be a bust, as crashing and patching issues prevented us from completing it, but we learned a lot and had some fun fights along the way.
GW2 Guild Wars 2 CM Caudecus Manor
I ate a Halloween candy and became a ghost!
Our group started with Warmad (on Warhall), Ynney, Alcanar, Majyst (on Carnelion, not in the picture) and me.
None of us had done the Seraph path, so we chose that. It's always fun to do a new path, as you never know what's gonna hit ya. Yeah, we got hit a LOT! Bandits all overs. Nasty bandits. With nasty nets. But we slaughtered our way through the house until we found Rosie or something. She said they made her "do things". Gasp! She seemed okay, no torn bodice or anything, so we moved on.

Poor Majyst had to drop party cuz his connection was borked. (A big F-U to China! Let our friend play, gosh darn it!) Kjarri, our new guildie, stepped in, and we were glad he did. Somehow in the middle of a fight, he managed to keep his head on straight and realized that the spikes coming through the floor and poking us to death were only coming through on the hardwood. Nice call! We all stuck to the rugs and did much better.
GW2 Guild Wars 2 CM Caudecus Manor
Jump jump jump!
Ynney had noticed the clickable pillows in the room and wondered what to do with them. We figured it out soon enough! Toss the pillows on the floor so you can jump across the spikes. Totally funny!

Ended up outside the manor and killed a big doggie and his two bomber companions. We got white loot. Oh. Yay. Just what I always wanted. Whee.

The next part was a bit perplexing. It seemed there were endless bandits racing out of a house to kill us. We fought and fought and fought, and then Ynney decided to actually READ what the text said. Oh, we're supposed to bomb the doors. Whoops! Thanks, Ynney, for paying attention!
GW2 Guild Wars 2 CM Caudecus Manor bombs
The Bomb Squad!
I found the bombs on the side of the barn and we all grabbed one. Now, what to do? After several failed rushes, Warmad decided to climb the roof of a bulding nearby. Damn Charr and their feline parkour skills! We tried to follow but were not that successful. It was a great idea though!
We paused and War googled for a solution. (GW2Guru has a great video.) Apparently, you're supposed to toss bombs so that the bandits get distracted trying to pile them up again. Um, OCD bandits? Interesting.
We coordinated ourselves, put on some sweet Guardian speed boosts, and... BOOM! Simple as that! Gates are down.
Oh, except then we ran through the gate and got ganked on the other side. Respawn, repair, regroup. Try again. Mad Martha was targeted and terminated. Boo-rah.

Had another group switcheroo as Kjarri had to bail due to RL aggro. Majyst stepped back in to help us take down the final boss, Turmaine.
Unfortunately we never did get to finish him off. As we were fighting him, I crashed out (big F-U to Rogers Cable!) and then an automatic patch started. When I got back into the game, I couldn't rejoin the group. Then Majyst had the same problem, and he couldn't rejoin either. The remaining three debated taking on the boss themselves, but decided against it. Very frustrating, but I think it was just a one-time fluke. We just happened to crash out at the exact time a patch was loading. I feel bad though, cuz you don't get any tokens or gold or XP if you don't kill the last boss. It was an expensive dungeon run. But we can always make more gold, I guess, and then we'll be back to take Turmaine's head off next time!

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