Monday, October 15, 2012

Free Townclothes Headpiece

Here's some brief instructions on how to find the free townclothes headpiece, Iron's Tailpipe Bandana.

GW2 Guild Wars 2 Iron Marches Riff Sootclaw Iron Tailpipe's Bandana
Iron Marches - quest for Riff Sootclaw and the Iron's Tailpipe Bandana
First go to the Warhound Village waypoint just outside of Harvester's Glade in Iron Marches.
Next, run around and gather plants and open up POIs and get distracted by events and help some groups defeat a boss and go do that vista that you haven't unlocked and finish up a heart quest and...
Next, realize that you had a goal and get back on track!
Then, find your own path to get to where I am on the map, circled in red. Me, I ran over and jumped down a cliff while being chased by nasties. You could take the flatter route and go a bit north-east and run down the ramp and through the gorge. Your call. :)
Greet this handsome furry dude.
Riff Sootclaw and his broken tank.
The conversation will tell you that his tank is borked and you can prove yourself to him and his warband if you can fix it. Sure, why not? A little grease on the fingers never hurt anyone. Well, unless it's hot fry grease. Then ouch!
After you fix the tank...wait, what was that, Marigold? You want me to tell you how to fix the tank? No way, nuh-uh! I can't give away all my secrets!
All right then, sigh. Go watch this video from Youtuber Vasqwar to find more detailed instructions. It's possible there is more than one way to fix the tank, but I just did what he said and it worked like a charm.
Riff Sootclaw welcomes me to the 632nd Armored Death Warband! RAWR!
So...after you fix the tank, Riff gives you his warband's signature bandana, although he's not wearing one, so perhaps it's not so signature after all. Maybe it just chaffed his ears?
It'll show up at the bottom of your screen going into your loot bag, like so -->

Now the silly thing was, after all that, the bandana doesn't show up on my toon! I put it on and nothing changed. Maybe it's my spikey hair-leaves, I dunno. I put in a support ticket cuz I'd really like to see what it's like on me. A blogger named Caria was nice enough to post a pic of the bandana on a human. Kinda funny looking. But whatever, it's free townclothes! Quest succeeded!

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