Monday, December 2, 2013

No Intervention Required

After the events of this past week, I began to wonder what kind of crazy drugs the devs at Anet are on. Not saying that's a bad thing though! *grin* Sometimes I just shake my head at the crazy things you find out wandering around in Tyria. The writers of GW2 have really good a wacked-out sense of humour sometimes -- I like it! I want to invite them over for wine & cheese and a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity.

Have you guys actually paused to listen to some of the conversations the NPCs have? I mean besides the ones you hear over and over in Lion's Arch? (So sick of hearing, "I was going to make a dumb salad joke...") I love eavesdropping on the real citizens of Tyria. I overheard two Krytan newlyweds decide to forgo a walk to go back inside *wink wink*. I cringed at a Norn wife berating her husband for picking a scab. And I did end up finding that pirate who sings his own version of the Major-General's Song! (Thanks for the tip, Anonymous Commenter.)

I don't have any work to do until 4pm so I think I'll pop back into Tyria and see what's shaking. The dirty dishes aren't going anywhere. Or at least, I hope they don't go anywhere. That would be a sure sign they need cleaning, if they start crawling away. :D

"He's got a thing about cows. And ghosts. So ghost cows are a real problem." Ha ha!
Attempted the new fractal with Dezi, Pol, Chazdy and a guildie.
We were unsuccessful. 
Spiral as an Asura. So cute!

Have you met Larra? OMG her dialogue is hilarious! Love her.
(Click the picture to the Wiki article to read her snarky comments about Sylvari.)

I touched it. And I know you did too. :)

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