Tuesday, December 10, 2013


One downfall to being back into GW2 is the lack of sleep. I was up till, hmm, probably 2 am, and had to be at my desk for work at 8:30. Ugh. Need coffee. But it's super-awesome-amazeballs to be able to work from home. Cuz I can type my blog and laugh at my screenshots and pet mah kitteh while I "work". :)

I took a few of my level 35 characters shopping for new clothes and got them the cultural armor sets. It was mostly for the achievement points, to be honest. (I'm obsessed with points!) But they do look pretty darn fine. (Asura is not actual size. Hee hee!)

Wifty wows in leather leaves. A nubile Norn in cloth. Mistress is ready for the catwalk in cloth.
Agga is stunning in leather.
I've been working towards map completion, which is harder than it sounds. A lot of the skill points in Orr require the altar to be deactivated, which requires a group event to be completed at the temple. So I have maybe 4 skill points left to do to complete those three areas, Malchor's Leap, Cursed Shore, and Straits of Devastation.
The other areas left to complete are the WvW maps. Once again, I'm stuck with a few vistas and POIs because they require the enemy keep to be taken. So I pop into the WvW maps usually last thing before I log, just to see if the castles happen to be ours. Of course, then I get caught up in a zerg, and that leads to the 2am bedtime!

I used my first siege ram! Totally satisfying. 
What else have I been up to? Hmmm, trying to remember. Made a Norn ele. That's fun, but kind just get stuck in Fire attunement. Ooh, just finished reading about the trait balancing that's coming out today. Sounds interesting. I'm assuming we all get a free trait reset too. I redid Spiral's traits not too long ago, so I guess I'll be poring through the descriptions once again. As long as I have Deceptive Evasion, I'm good to go.

I also read about Wintersday, which is actually starting tonight. Seems like it's all the same events from last year...Yay bells! I was kinda hoping that the toys from last year would not be repeated, you know the Princess Doll and Toy Ventari? I wanted them to be collectibles, only available for one year.
Busy place! Nice to see so many players.

I was hanging out in LA last night and people were saying that the mat prices are going to skyrocket because of the ascended armor crafting that is coming tonight. Apparently, people have been hoarding mats. Wow. I'm not that prepared. Then again, I don't know if I plan on making any ascended armor. For myself or for sale. Maybe I will, if it's going to net me some coin. I'm broke again, after my shopping spree on cultural armor, plus my abnormal obsession for having every tiny little hue variation of dye that has ever been made. (Honestly, is there really a difference between Purple and Glory? There must be! I should get them both just to be sure. Must collect them all. MUST.) At least having new tailoring recipes will be fun to learn. And gosh oh golly gee, I just love getting mats from Orr! So relaxing and peaceful and non-combative, not to mention scenic. The pulsing flora and burned out landscapes are just fabulous. And don't even get me started on the friendly locals. Always offering to eat my face. So nice. 

All righty then! Time to get back to work. Here's some more screens of my adventures this week. Enjoy, and Happy Wintersday!

Now to make nuggets!
Came through a portal and ended up in the tree! That's talent.
Poor Norn got stuck in her dive spin when she hit the water and just kept spinning and spinning.
She threw up in her reg. Ewwww.
Did the Demongrub Pits jumping puzzle and found this little lady. She was cute!
She psyched herself up to jump, then ran forward...and chickened out!
Good thing too. That jump is impossible. (Not the way into the puzzle, I found out. Thanks, Dulfy!)
This is Spiral in her personal story. I'm shaking my head just looking at this pic. See my posse? The guys who are supposed to be watching my back?
They're NOT LOOKING! One dude is even facing the wall! LOL!! Trahearne is the only one facing the danger, good sprout that he is. 

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