Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Wintersday!

Hello, friends and fellow gamers! Sorry I haven't been blogging. Busy time of year, ya know. I've been having fun in real life and in Tyria, and I hope you have been too!

1. Got my world completion! Yay!  :)
2. Leveled my tailoring so I can make damask.
3. Got a perfect 600 on Bells Choir.
4. Got my Plush Griffon mini! So adorable.  :D
5. Almost almost ALMOST got to the end of the Wintersday jumping puzzle. I really suck at jumping. I had to take a break from attempting it cuz I thought my heart might explode from stress.
6. Finished the Nightmare Ends achieve.
7. Got the highest score in a PvP match. (But we didn't win! Bummer.)

Here's some screens for your eyeball enjoyment. Have a Merry Wintersday!

Have you seen this guy in Heart of the Mists?
He sells new stuff for Glory.
They're getting rid of Glory sometime,
so I guess they want you to spend it.

My granny asura, Agga Gemseeker, met her human counterpart.

Pink moas going for a swim. 

Go me!! We were so close to winning too. I'm not good at PvP and get really frustrated. I keep going back though.
I think I need to do more research on what a good build is for mesmers. I got my butt stun-locked by a mesmer the other day and I was impressed. And dead. Dead and impressed. 

Happy Wintersday from your favorite Sylvari! 

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